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Advanced UPRT Course acc. FCL.745.A

Der neue Advanced UPRT course acc. FCL.745.A ist eine Voraussetzung für ein erstes Type Rating eines angehenden Berufspilotens für:

  • Single-pilot aeroplanes in multi-pilot operation
  • Single-pilot high-performance complex aeroplanes 
  • Multi-pilot aeroplanes.

Der nächste Theoriekurs startet am 16.02.2020.

Die praktische Ausbildung wird individuell organisiert

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Voraussetzungen und Erwartungen


  • The trainee is holder of a PPL or has completed Phase 1 to 4 of the integrated ATPL course


Allgemeines zur Ausbildung

Die theoretische Ausbildung für den advanced UPRT Kurs umfasst 5 Stunden:

    typically applicable to aeroplane upsets in transport category aeroplanes, including case studies of incidents involving potential or actual upsets.
    relevant to the aeroplane and exercises used in the practical training, including differences to aerodynamics as referred to in point (1)
  • PHYSIOLOGICAL AND PSYCHOLOGICAL EFFECTS of an upset, including surprise and startle effect
    to develop resilience and mitigate startle effect


Die Flugausbildung umfasst mindestens 3 Stunden:

(1) exercises to demonstrate:

(i)  the relationship between speed, attitude and AoA;

(ii)  the effect of g-load on aeroplane performance, including stall events at different attitudes and airspeeds;

(iii)  aerodynamic indications of a stall including buffeting, loss of control authority and inability to arrest a descent;

(iv)  the physiological effects of different g-loads between -1 and 2.5G; and

(v) surprise and the startle effect;

(2) training in techniques to recover from:

(i) nose high at various bank angles;

(ii) nose low at various bank angles;

(iii) spiral dives;

(iv) stall events; and

(v) incipient spin; and

(3) training to develop resilience and to employ strategies to mitigate the startle effect.